Wednesday, March 7, 2007

The dresses

Originally I found the "perfect" dress - eyelet lace, very flattering (similar to picture on right) but I could quite get over the fact that it was so casual. Which is when I found dress #2 (pictured left) by Nicole Miller. It's gorgeous but still not "bridal" - classy.

Now I just have to sort out the alterations, spot cleaning & under garments.

Our wedding bands

My engagement ring is an antique and would be quite hard to match so we're going to the other extreme!

These rings are super modern and designed by a Canadian designer

Mr. Wu's has concrete in it and mine has an accent colour on the inside.

I figure I'll just wear my engagement ring on the other hand.

Shoe options

I'm having some difficulty choosing shoes. This is because I have 2 very different dresses. Originally I had wanted something really chunky, like the Michael Kors huarache sandal to go with my reception dress. They are gorgeous but have high heels & are quite pricey (see right)

I figure I might need to buy 2 different pairs and am leaning towards pewter / muted metallic low heels for the ceremony & white espadrilles for the reception (see below)