Thursday, May 3, 2007


Since I am a graphic designer, I find there is so much (self imposed) pressure to create FABULOUS invitations. Well, here's the thing... I went fairly fancy with my STDs (I will post photos later) and I just don't have much energy left. Therefore, I'm going to keep them simple, clean & functional.

I found a company in the States that sells pocket-folder envelopes. They are very helpful and their prices are great.

I've quickly mocked up what I plan to do here:

and am posting some inspiration (below) as well.

Centre pieces

Last weekend I was in Victoria and went over some of the plans for the centrepieces with my Dad & his girlfriend. He's a handy kind of guy and has agreed to build all of the boxes (see his first prototype below)

His girlfriend is taking care of the flowers (or greenery more-like). So we went to check out some plant choices at the local nursery also.

I'm very excited about this project & know that they will do an excellent job!

See the original inspiration below.


Okay, it's true, it's been much too long. I confess, I've taken a bit of a vacation from my planning. My hope was, if I got enough done in advance, I could relax and have fun for the Summer.

Recently I've gotten back on track. Reconnected with my venue - there's some updates to do on the wedding site this weekend. Booked my rental company (and linens with a separate company). The last couple of days I've been working out the invitations.

To do this weekend: buy rings (maybe), make decisions on honeymoon and book registry, order envelopes & design wedding invites, update website.

Also, need to get back on track with the workouts.