Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Reuse & Recycle

It's time to pass my stuff on to another happy bride (and groom).

Please take a look at the items & how I used them below. If you're interested, get in touch and we can negotiate. The more you take, the sweeter the deal!

lanterns used in centerpieces.

Apothecary jars & inspiration. We served Lynchberg Lemonade out of them at the wedding. Laddles included!

Bucket with floating apple votives. Vintage bucket for sale.

84 Mason Jars available. Use to serve drinks in for extra "rustic" touch.

Fall leaf "foliage" garlands. Used to wrap around gazebo.

Triptych frame from Urban Outfitters.


Sarah said...

Do you still have the lanterns used in the centerpieces and the mason jars? How much were you wanting for them? Can you ship?

Just let me know... :)

My email is sarah.mcgowan@courierpost.com



christina said...

Hello. I was wondering if your mason jars are still available for purchase. I need exactly how many you have for our Fall wedding this year. Please let me know.